All rights reserved. Copyright (C) 1996,1997 by NARITA Tomio <>

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lv: a Powerful Multilingual File Viewer

The latest version is ver 4.21: Download

Japanese page is here .

* Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Feature
  3. Download lv
  4. Installation
  5. Usage
  6. Management of logical lines
  7. Coding systems
  8. Annotation about coding systems
  9. Auto selection of a coding system
  10. Extension for displaying a colored text
  11. Customization
  12. Known bugs
  13. Bug report
  14. Release note
  15. Acknowledgement
  16. Reference

* Copyright

lv is a freeware. We grant you to use and copy lv and all contents of its archive. You are also permitted to modify lv and distribute the modified software if there is an obvious annotation which represents the software is lv-derived in your documentation. Naturally, we disclaim any kind of warranty around lv, that is to say, you can use lv on your own risk.

All rights reserved. Copyright (C) 1994,1997 by NARITA Tomio.

* Feature

* Download lv

You can download lv ver 4.21 archive. Changes between older versions are described in release note (in Japanese).

* Installation

* Usage

* Management of logical lines

* Coding systems

* Annotation about coding systems

* Auto selection of a coding system

* Extension for displaying a colored text

* Customization

* Known bugs

* Bug report

Please send a bug report to when you find any bugs around lv.

* Release note

Click here. (in Japanese)

* Acknowledgement

Click here. (in Japanese)

* Reference

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