Favorite Things

Here are my favorite things.

to eat & to make

Pizza Most favorite food. If there is Pizza, I'm happy. Recently, I try to make it.
Okonomi-yaki I was born and bred in Osaka. My mother makes me it. I can make it, too.

to watch & to play

Soccer I like this best in sports. I play soccer once a week.
Snow Board Last winter, I began to play snow board. I will practice it this winter.

to read & to write(?)

Haruki Murakami I like rhythmic sense of his writings.
Ryotaro Shiba I like his expression of character.

to listen & to sing

Southern All Stars When I was at university, I sang their songs with my friends.
Kenji Ozawa I don't listen all his songs. I like his unique style.


Beatle My favarite car.

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